Kumar Manoj's A Comprehensive Text Book of Applied Physics PDF

Kumar Manoj's A Comprehensive Text Book of Applied Physics PDF

By Kumar Manoj

ISBN-10: 8182472261

ISBN-13: 9788182472266

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For many mathematicians and plenty of mathematical physicists the identify Erich Kahler is strongly tied to big geometric notions similar to Kahler metrics, Kahler manifolds and Kahler teams. all of them return to a paper of 14 pages written in 1932. This, besides the fact that, is simply a small a part of Kahler's many impressive achievements which conceal an surprisingly large sector: From celestial mechanics he obtained into complicated functionality thought, differential equations, analytic and complicated geometry with differential kinds, after which into his major subject, i.

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I X 1O-2 m ] 10. 5 xl 010 N/m 2 . II. [Ans. 00 I m is at resonance. 9x 101oN/m 2 and f = 2650 Kg/m3. [ Ans. 73 Hz] 12. 7x 103 Kg/m3 and bulk modulus [Ans. ] ANSWER KEY FOR MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (1) (6) (11) c c a (2) (7) (12) c b b (16) d (17) b (3) (8) (13) b b b (4) (9) (14) d c c (5) (10) (15) d a c \57\ UNIT - 3 PRINCIPLE OF OPTICS INTRODUCTION :Optics is the branch of Physics which deals with the study of optical phenomena" like reflection, refraction, dispersion, interference, differaction etc.

165 V Thus Where, T= I T as reverberation time in seconds. \39\ V a s and ie I I = as volume of the room in cubic metres. The coefficient of absorption. The area of reflecting surface in square metre. = as The total absorptions of the surface of different materials. where a p a 2 , a 3 ------a n are the absorption coeffiecient of different materials ans 81' 8 2 , 8 3 ------8 n are their respective areas in square metres. METHOD TO CONTROL REVERBERATION TIME :The fOllowing methods can be followed to control the reverberation time ;(i) By using open windows, as open windows are the perfect absorbers of sound energy.

On being loaded a restoring force F comes into the play and spring tries to regain its original length as shown in fig. 12) (b). 12) (c) I According to Hook's Law, the restoring force F is given by F= - K £. ----------( 1) Where K is called force constant or spring constant. Let us suppose R = 1, then egO (1) becomes K=F Hence spring constant may Qe defined as the restoring force set up per unit extension in the spring. Negative sign indicates that restoring force acting in opposite direction of the extension of spring.

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