Download PDF by Paul Valéry: Amphion

Download PDF by Paul Valéry: Amphion

By Paul Valéry

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InhaltVon vielen Autoren wird Individualisierung gleichgesetzt miteinem Zerfall des Zusammenhalts moderner Gesellschaften. Die Beiträge desBandes versuchen im Gegensatz zu dieser Auffassung zu zeigen, daßIndividualisierung eher als ein neuer Modus der Integration verstanden werdenkann. Aus dem Inhalt: Einleitung Ulrich Beck/Peter Sopp: Individualisierung und Integration -eine Problemskizze Zum Konzept Individualisierung Monika Wohlrab-Sahr: Individualisierung: Differenzierungsprozeßund Zurechnungsmodus Wolfgang Engler: ¶Aushandlungsgesellschaft¶ DDR Individualisierung: Eine Bedrohung gesellschaftlicherIntegration?

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Planned and completed sites are shown in Figure 3-1. The primary function of these models is to provide NOAA Tsunami Warning Centers with real-time forecasts of coastal community inundation before and during an actual tsunami event. However, these site-specific inundation models can be applied to inundation modeling studies and the creation of inundation parameter databases, digital products, and maps specifically tailored to the design process. 3 The National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program: Credible Worst-Case Scenarios State mapping efforts performed as part of the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program (NTHMP) are based on credible worst-case scenarios.

FEMA P646 2: Background 21 Figure 2-17 Damage to non-engineered concrete columns due to debris impact (Photos courtesy of M. Saatcioglu, A. Ghobarah and I. Nistor, CAEE, 2005). Figure 2-18 Damage to corner column due to debris damming (Photo courtesy of M. Saatcioglu, A. Ghobarah and I. Nistor, CAEE, 2005). 22 2: Background FEMA P646 Figure 2-19 Scour around shallow spread footing in Khao Lak area (Dalrymple and Kriebel, 2005). Figure 2-20: Uplift damage to precast concrete floor panels and harbor piers (Photo courtesy of M.

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